We are a passionate startup
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Introducing Kunbu, a Maldives-based startup providing cutting-edge solutions for Real-time Tracking, Fleet Management, and Transfer Management services. Our mission is to simplify and optimize fleet and asset management for our customers with our innovative technology. We are proud to announce our expansion into the Travel and Fisheries industries with an AI-first platform that leverages recommendation and personalization AI for an enhanced customer experience. Our software-based solution for the Fisheries industry is a game-changing innovation not currently available in the market, and we are also establishing an e-commerce platform to become the leading marketplace for fish-related trading. Kunbu is committed to delivering industry-leading products that transform the way businesses operate, and we are excited to be at the forefront of innovation in the Maldives.


What we have build so far and
what's next !

Kunbu Tracking
Kunbu Tracking

Kunbu Tracking is a real-time GPS tracking & fleet management system with advanced vessel/vehicle integration. Providing 20+ alarms for enhanced monitoring.

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Kunbu Transfer
Kunbu Transfer

Maldives' comprehensive sea transfer system. Users book island trips/boats, operators enjoy efficient management tools. Pioneering adaptive, productive service for clients.

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Kunbu Travels
Kunbu Travels

Kunbu Travels is Maldives' first OTA, enabling travelers to plan holidays, book stays, activities, and transfers in one platform. Includes homestays, guesthouses, resorts, excursions, and more.

Launching in 2023, Beta Testing

Kunbu Fisheries
Kunbu Fisheries

Kunbu Fisheries is a software/hardware solution revolutionizing Maldives fisheries, opening the market globally to boost the industry and promote sustainable fishing practices.

Launching in 2023, Under Development


How it all started and
how we got here

Our journey began in 2016 with the idea of creating a comprehensive sea transfer management solution. Through hard work and dedication, we participated in the Ooredoo Niru Accelerator and won the competition. After completing the program, we received pre-seed funding, and our vision became a reality. From there, we expanded our offerings to include Real-time Tracking and Fleet Management services, and now we are excited to announce our expansion into the Travel and Fisheries industries with an AI-first platform. We are grateful for our journey and the opportunities that have allowed us to bring innovative solutions to our customers.


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